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      Kramer - Leas - DeLeo

      Our Commitment

      KLD stands by its clients every step of the way, from concept planning and public hearings, to final approval and construction. Our staff provides professional, personal services through teamwork, responsiveness, communication and quality.

      Minnesota Land Surveyors

      Land Surveying and Engineering Services

      Whether working for governmental, industrial, commercial, or residential clients, KLD provides a wide range of services. We specialize in preliminary design to Minnesota Land Surveyingfinal design plans, comprehensive surveying and platting services, Environmental Assessment Worksheets (EAW), wetland delineations, and mitigation plans. KLD is capable of performing highly competent planning concepts, innovative engineering solutions and comprehensive survey services.

      We have and will continue to meet the engineering, land surveying, and environmental services needs of municipalities, state and federal agencies, developers, and contractors. We are committed to helping our client's gain compliance with local land use regulations. Our extensive experience equips us to develop unique solutions to satisfy our client's needs.

      KLD's experience, reliability and diversified team approach offers clients an amalgamation of roadway and utility design, site developments, transportation engineering, surveying and environmental services. We understand the need for excellence and specialize in superior service and getting the job done accurately, on time, and at a fair price.

      Our Technology

      KLD invests in the latest GPS technology to provide our clients with the most accurate data. We incorporate automated total stations to download GPS field data directly into a working computer model of your project.

      KLD uses the latest surveying technology to provide clients with accurate survey data. For example, we incorporate Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and automated total stations to download field data into a working computer model of the existing project conditions.

      High quality data makes for superb data-driven solutions. That's the KLD way.

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